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Slash Cloud Costs for Kubernetes Workloads by 80% with Exostellar’s Infrastructure Optimizer

By Nayan Lad

Santa Clara, Cali, March 19, 2024Cut cloud bills and boost efficiency with Exostellar’s Infrastructure Optimizer for Kubernetes, opening for early access today! This revolutionary solution tackles the high cost of running stateful application use cases like databases (PostgreSQL, Redis), MLOps (KubeFlow, JupyterHub), CI/CD (Argo Workflow, Spinnaker), and data pipelines (Dagster) on Kubernetes, offering unprecedented savings up to 80% while guaranteeing an impressive 99.99% SLA.

“Exostellar’s Infrastructure Optimizer is a game-changer for organizations running stateful applications on Kubernetes,” says Tony Shakib, CEO of Exostellar. “Our innovative live-migration technology unlocks the cost-efficiency of the spot market while maintaining the reliability and performance these applications demand.”

Designed for demanding workloads, this solution seamlessly handles critical applications with its pioneering live-migration technology. With Exostellar, you can leverage the cost-efficiency of the spot market without compromising on reliability – a game-changer for stateful apps traditionally excluded from these savings due to disruption concerns.

Built for DevOps, SysAdmins, and FinOps, this infrastructure optimizer tackles the pain points of managing Kubernetes infrastructure. Say goodbye to unpredictable spot terminations and manual adjustments. Exostellar automates everything, giving you a “set it and forget it” experience while keeping your EKS environment running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Here’s what you get:

  • Massive Cost Savings: Slash Kubernetes infrastructure costs by up to 80%.
  • Unbreakable Reliability: Maintain a rock-solid 99.99% SLA for your critical applications.
  • Seamless Live Migration: Ensure smooth operations with frictionless node migration.
  • Effortless Management: Autonomous infrastructure for a “set it and forget it” experience.
  • State of the Art: Manage both stateless and stateful applications with ease.

Join the Kubernetes Revolution!

Be among the first to experience the future of Kubernetes deployments. Register for early access to the Infrastructure Optimizer today and unlock a new era of cost optimization.

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