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Exostellar, Inc. is a cloud resource optimization and management platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to help enterprises reduce spending in the cloud by up to 80%, while enhancing both operational security and performance. We are dedicated to developing the future of affordable cloud computing technology that empowers enterprises to command a finer level of control over their cloud computing resources.

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Meet the Team

With a team of leading researchers from Cornell University, the Exostellar engineers have a world-class understanding of cloud-based software engineering. But creating ‘smart’ technology requires more than deep expertise in technology. It also requires an appreciation of the pain points our clients face in their cloud computing services, and how to deliver a product that will make their lives significantly easier.


Tony Shakib


Tony Shakib is CEO at Exostellar. He is an accomplished technology executive with a proven track record of driving growth, and innovation, and leading successful global teams for both large enterprises and startups. With over three decades of experience in the cloud industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Hakim Weatherspoon

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Hakim Weatherspoon is a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Exostellar. He is also a Computer Science Professor at Cornell University. He received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and is credited for cloud storage foundation for paper published in 2000. He received the 2018 ACM ASPLOS most influential paper award and was a PAC-10 football conference champion from U. Washington 1995.

Zhiming Shen

Co-founder & CTO

Zhiming Shen is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Exostellar. Zhiming received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2017. His Ph.D. thesis focused on improving security, flexibility, and efficiency of cloud infrastructures and proposed new designs for cloud-native containers and cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms.

Robbert van Renesse

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Robbert van Renesse is the Chief Scientist for Exostellar. He is also a Computer Science Professor at Cornell University. He received his Ph.D. from Vrije University Amsterdam, is a ACM Fellow, Co-founded & sold two companies. Robert was also a technical advisor to Microsoft & Amazon. In his career he has authored 12 patents, published 200+ papers and graduated 28 Ph.D. students.

Board and Advisory Board

Lip-Bu Tan

Board Member

Amarjit Gill

Board Observer

Landon Downs

Board Member

Nicholas Brathwaite

Board Member

Neel Purohit

Advisory Board Member

Neel Purohit is a member of the board of directors. Through this position, Neel advises on the overall operation of Exostellar. Neel works for Barclays as a portfolio manager and has worked for several other banks and asset managers in the past. He began his career as a management consultant. Neel hold a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Daniel Sturman

Advisory Board Member

Daniel Sturman serves as an Advisory Board member for Exostellar. In this role, he advises Exostellar on their product development efforts. Daniel has a rich and deep background in product development of the industry’s most powerful platforms for data management and analytics. He currently works as the CTO for Roblox.  Other positions and companies he has worked with are as a Sr Vice President at Cloudera, Google where he led the development of cloud products, and IBM as a researcher.

Kenneth S. Rother

Advisory Board Member

Ken Rother is a visiting lecturer at the Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management where he teaches several entrepreneurship courses including NBA 6910 Entrepreneurship of Physical products and is also Managing Director of Cornell’s eLab student accelerator program.

Ronnie Lott

Advisory Board Member

Niraj Tolia

Advisory Board Member

Amy Chang

Advisory Board Member
Amy serves on the board of directors for Disney, Procter & Gamble, Marqeta, SambaNova, Pragma and has previously served on the boards of Cisco, Splunk and Informatica, which encompass nearly a trillion dollars in total market cap.
After the acquisition of her startup Accompany (an AI/ML-based relationship intelligence platform serving Fortune 500 companies) by Cisco, she led Cisco’s multi-billion dollar Collaboration business. Prior to Accompany, Amy was at Google, where she led the teams for Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Trends, and multichannel attribution. Further, She previously led product for the paid search and affiliates channels at eBay, as well as worked in the semiconductor and software industries at McKinsey. She started her career in hardware with Intel, AMD and Motorola.
Amy serves on the UCSF Hospital Executive Committee, the Stanford School of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Board, and as an advisor to Panther Labs, DataRobot, Greenlight, DataChat,, PerfectDay, KatanaGraph, Galileo,, NoviConnect, Hubspot (now public), Datorama (acquired by Salesforce), Skyhigh Networks (acquired by McAfee), Optimizely (acquired by Episerver), BloomReach, Origami Logic (acquired by Intuit).
Amy holds a BS in Electrical Engineering with a hardware subspecialty and an MS in Electrical Engineering with a network systems subspecialty, both from Stanford University.



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Exostellar is searching for Software Engineers and Research Interns working on building out our next-generation cloud-native resource optimization platform that brings on-premise control back to cloud users. Our company has offices in Ithaca, NY, and Santa Clara, CA, and we also offer remote positions across the United States.

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