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Exostellar cloud solution for high-performance computing

Reliably run mission-critical workloads with Infrastructure Optimizer, no commitment.

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Enjoy 80% EC2 savings
with 99% Spot Reliability.

Give your HPC workloads the performance it needs, without raising cloud compute costs.

  • Autonomous live migration of stateful workloads across instance types
  • Real-time resource allocation without over-provisioning
  • Access to the latest CPUs on demand

Unmatched Savings, Performance, and Reliability for your Cloud Infrastructure

Exostellar autonomously live-migrate your mission-critical workloads to the most efficient EC2 instance.

Total jobs completed in 2023
Customer Savings
Avg reliability in spot market
Avg time in spot market
30 days
Longest running workload

Our story is best explained through the stories of our clients.

We don’t like to brag, but we’re changing the game of cloud resource optimization. Here’s the first of many client stories demonstrating our impact.

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