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Accelerating AI Innovation with Smart xPU Orchestration

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Lead the AI innovation race with Exostellar: Achieve unmatched development pace and excel in GPU and CPU optimization.

Autonomous Infrastructure Optimization Middleware

for Public and Private AI clouds

Our Value

Exostellar is a pioneering platform dedicated to enhancing AI/ML development through autonomous infrastructure optimization. – GPU, CPU, DPU, TPU, specifically designed for AI/ML applications.

  • Addresses 70% underutilization of GPUs

  • Efficient GPU and CPU fleet management for multi-user environments
  • Boosts your team’s productivity by 2x

Hybrid GPU/ CPU optimization solution

with an integrated MLOps workflow

GPU Utilization & Performance

Smart Queuing and Scheduling:

Achieves up to 70% GPU utilization by optimizing queue outcomes considering costs, job priorities, and timings, and improving job management.

GPU Pooling and Fractioning:

Prevents resource squatting, maximizing resource sharing, and cutting down idle cycles.

CPU Migration & Scalability

Live Migration of Stateful Workloads:

Our AI efficiently allocates workloads to cost-optimal cloud instances, managing a flexible fleet for 80% cost reduction while maintaining 99.7% reliability.

Dynamic Workload Rightsizing:

Over 60% cut in over and under-provisioning, enhancing operational efficiency.

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