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Robert Wipfel Joins Exostellar as Chief Architect to Drive Cloud Innovation

By Nayan Lad, 

Santa Clara, California – October 4, 2023 – Exostellar Inc., a cloud resource optimization company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Wipfel as the Chief Architect. In his role, Robert will help shape the technical direction, innovation, and long-term strategy for the company.

Robert brings experience from a career marked by groundbreaking technology achievements and successful product delivery. Starting in the U.K., Robert developed parallel processing systems at INMOS, the pioneer of the Transputer. This path took him to the U.S., where he contributed to Unisys and Intel Scientific Supercomputer Division’s launch of a Massively Parallel Processor (MPP) server tailored for commercial workloads. He collaborated with Oracle’s MPP team to demonstrate the capabilities of Oracle Parallel Server for Data warehousing. Subsequently recruited by Eric Schmidt, Robert drove the development of Novell’s High Availability clustering, storage, and virtualization-based private cloud products.

Robert’s journey continued at Fusion-io, where he played a key role in establishing PCIe flash as a new industry-standard storage technology. At two follow-on startups, Robert delivered SLO-driven Data Virtualization, and Kubernetes-based MPP Data warehousing products for the cloud.

Reflecting on these advancements, Robert said, “The Cloud has always been about providing on-demand resources to meet the dynamic needs of IT workloads. Today, efficient resource utilization is a constant concern for cloud customers”. He expressed his enthusiasm about joining the Exostellar team, stating, “I’m really thrilled to collaborate with this talented group of pioneers”.

“We are excited to welcome Robert, we are poised to deliver unique advancements in cloud resource optimization that will benefit customers across the planet!”, said Zhiming Shen, CTO of Exostellar.

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