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Slash Cloud Costs for Kubernetes Workloads by 80%

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Discover unmatched reliability in spot market with Infrastructure Optimizer

Farewell to Unpredictable Workload Terminations and Manual Adjustments

Infrastructure Optimizer Magic

  • Up to 80% cost reduction
  • Seamless live migration of pods
  • Autonomous node allocation
  • Maintain stateful workloads during node disruptions

Powerful Integration of AI/ML, Live Migration, and Kubernetes

Discover how we do it

AI-Engine for Cost Optimization

Exostellar AI-Engine

Infrastructure Optimizer utilizes AI to dynamically adjust cloud resources in real-time, ensuring cost efficiency without sacrificing performance. This integration with AWS allows for predictive scaling and cost management, addressing the challenge of fluctuating cloud pricing models and the need for manual resource optimization. It significantly reduces the effort and expertise required to manage cloud expenses effectively.​

Autonomous Node Management

Infrastructure Optimizer offers autonomous management of AWS on-demand, spot instances & savings plan, mitigating the risk of service interruptions and optimizing costs. By intelligently predicting spot market trends and automatically adjusting resource allocation, it ensures operational stability and leverages cost-saving opportunities without the manual complexity, directly addressing the challenges of using spot instances and maintaining continuous cloud operations.​

Real World Success Stories

Unlocking Reliable, Cost-Effective Kubernetes Operations Through Strategic Optimization​

Challenges: Expensive setup, 4+ hours restoration time, need for continuous Spinnaker service, and reduced costs.​

Solution: Reliable spot market access without Spinnaker reconfiguration​


  • Zero downtime
  • Seamless workflow
  • Enhanced DevOps budget efficiency

Challenges: Business continuity failure due to Argo downtime; need for integration with Prometheus, cAdvisor, Loki, ZipKin for compliance.​

Solution: Reliable, live access, maintaining full standards compliance with existing monitoring tools.​


  • Ensure business continuity
  • Cost reduction
  • No change required for monitoring or compliance reporting tools.​
PostgreSQL database

Challenges: Non-transactional, data mining PostgreSQL database with 16x24XL node cluster, high compute costs & downtime issues during data reloads from S3.​

Solution: Spot market access, ensuring on-demand reliability without PostgreSQL awareness or configuration changes.​


  • Seamless infrastructure migration & zero downtime
  • Enabled spot market pricing for a previously expensive, stateful application stack
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