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What Makes Exostellar Different

Cloud computing companies
are calling us their X-factor

Cloud consumers may spend as much as 50% of their revenue to cloud providers. But did you know that together cloud consumers waste $14 billion each year on unused cloud resources? That is where we come in. We help cloud consumers drastically reduce how much money they spend on rented cloud resources.


Our secret sauce is Cornell University technology (patent pending and exclusively licensed to Exostellar), combined with machine learning that allows us to quickly and fully automatically move applications from one computer to another, even while they are running. That ability opens up exciting ways to save cloud consumers money. For example, using our technology, cloud consumers can save money by running applications in the cloud spot market. The cloud spot market are computers that Amazon and others have not been able to rent out and are being offered at about 10 times less than the normal rate. However, Amazon reserves the right to take the computer back at any time when they need them with just a couple minutes warning. This makes the cloud spot market difficult to use. However, because we can move applications quickly, we can move applications to and from the cloud spot market, saving cloud consumers around 90% of their cloud spending.


Some cloud consumers spend millions of dollars, even 10s of millions of dollars each month on cloud resources. Using our technology we can save them 50% to 90% of their costs. Our tools seamlessly plug into existing software infrastructures and, using state-of-the-art machine learning, automatically make decisions about where to run software in order to minimize costs while maintaining or even improving performance, reliability, and security. We have a great team with experience in developing, patenting, and selling cloud-scale software systems.

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