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It’s time to stop
wasting money
in the cloud.

Exostellar offers simple-to-use products that allow organizations that rely heavily on cloud computing to reduce their costs by half or more while ensuring the same extraordinary quality of service.


Our Cloud Optimization Solutions

To reduce wasteful spending and enable more efficient usage of cloud resources, Exostellar provides products based on technology patented by Cornell University that consolidate idle workloads and over-sized containers, allowing customers to take advantage of deeply discounted server space such as the Spot market.

Infrastructure Optimizer allows you to seamlessly relocate containers between spot instances and regular instances. Dynamically relocate containers between spot instances and regular instances.

Significant Cost Reduction

Up to 80% reduction in costs due to the use of cloud spot instances.

Patented Technology

Patented technology provides same availability as regular instances.

Seamless without Interruption

Uses Live Transparent Migration, without interruption

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Sample Application Lifetime Analysis using Infrastructure Optimizer

Total Jobs Completed
Savings Achieved
Longest Workload Runtime (Days)
% Time in Spot Instances

Our Workload Optimizer technology packs containers when workload decreases, and expands them when it increases.

Why spend more than you need?

Significantly reduce unnecessary cloud costs by consolidating resources.

Move stateful workloads without interruption

Patented technology provides continuous availability.

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Dynamically scale CPU, memory, and I/O resources of virtual machines without stopping your container.

Application agnostic

Significant cost reduction
with fully automatic process

Seeing is Believing

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